“Professor Tal Ben-Shahar has the rare ability to reach the hearts of leaders, and to show them the way back to a life that is not a problem to be solved, but a calling to be answered. Based on sound academic research, yet laced with humor and warmth, his Positive Leadership presentations leave you feeling as if you have just had a life-transforming conversation with a wise mentor. He guides leaders to focus on what’s working—not what’s broken—in their teams, in their organizations, in their world, and in themselves as leaders. With engaging stories, compelling research, fun exercises and inspiring examples, he rekindles a sense of meaning and passion for leadership—and for life. Listening to Tal leaves you uplifted, inspired and transformed.”
Deb Giffen
Director, Innovative Learning Solutions
Wharton Executive Education

“There is a science of happiness, and Professor Tal Ben-Shahar presents the research behind his common sense and affirming concepts of what we value and what makes us really happy. With clarity and humor, he reminds audiences of the importance of values and appreciation, resiliency and strength. A challenging and insightful speaker whose calm demeanor brings his audience to a greater appreciation of the important things in their lives, Tal brings scientific studies to bear on his analysis of education, work, family, and life. Audiences are surprised and amused—but mostly, his audiences come away strategizing how they can appreciate their lives, their families, their work, and themselves.”
Dr. Barbara L. Tischler
Director of Curriculum and Professional Development
Horace Mann School

“Professor Tal Ben-Shahar blends rigorous academic science with real life tools that everyone can use to live happier, more meaningful and fulfilling lives. With an abundance of wit, humor, and sound logical arguments, Tal is able to effectively deliver one of the most important messages of our time: that focusing on strengths and competencies can have measurable positive effects on mental health. He truly leads by example, being a calm, centered, and down-to-earth speaker who takes pleasure in teaching and touching people’s lives. His lectures are truly transformative and leave his audiences with a newfound understanding of the journey that is happiness.”
Dr. Michael A. Yassa
Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences Johns Hopkins University