The “big decisions” in life—marriage, children, career path—are not the only ones that determine our happiness. In fact, the countless small choices we make every day—almost without thinking—can have a profound, cumulative, and lasting impact on how happy we are. In this engaging and enlightening book, Tal Ben-Shahar, Ph.D., reveals 101 such choices just waiting to be acted on, such as:

  • Focus on your weaknesses or work on your strengths
  • Treat the work you do as a job or experience your work as a calling
  • Live in the past or future or be present

Ben-Shahar draws on the most up-to-date and fascinating research in the social sciences and real-life stories to show that how we feel (and how we affect others) is mainly a matter of mindfulness: It’s not always easy to recognize the choices we have at every moment—but once we do, it’s easier to make the small decisions that add up to a happier life.