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“Rumination inevitably backfires. It merely compounds our misery. It’s a heroic attempt to solve a problem that it is just not capable of solving.” – Mark Williams

Often, in our attempt to get to the bottom of why a situation did not turn out in ‘our favor’ or the way we had hoped, we replay it over and over again, believing mistakenly that this will bring us peace and closure. But it is by redirecting our thoughts and actions to something constructive and meaningful that we can allow ourselves to move on. This may entail formulating a strategy on steps we can take to deal with a problem at work, in a relationship or any challenging situation in life. Or it may entail, simply, changing the focus of our thoughts to something unrelated to the problem at hand, but productive and useful.

Is there something that is bothering you—a challenge or a difficulty—that you play and replay in your mind? Come up with ideas about how you can overcome the challenge, to better deal with the difficulty.

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